The Problem with Many Polished Concrete Jobs

The sad truth in the polished concrete flooring trade is the myriad variables that come into play that can adversely affect what outcomes are possible. The best way to guarantee an ideal outcome is to plan the job before any concrete is mixed or laid.

As this is often not possible, this does mean that even the best contractors will find themselves unable to predict the outcome of a full mechanical polished process, in terms of quality, look and feel, before work begins.

The key point to understand here is that your polished concrete flooring contractor is only able to work with the pre-existing materials. So the quality and consistency of the concrete base, therefore, is crucial. With the prevalence of low-quality concrete installations in the UK, this creates a great deal of uncertainty about what’s possible for many individual floors.

The Solution: Niche Polished Concrete’s Sample Service

Here at Niche we have devised a solution that helps us understand the pre-existing conditions of your concrete floor whilst offering a preview of what your polished floor could look like.

Transforms any area with its seamless natural beauty. Along with the added benefits of it being low maintenance, eco friendly and quick cure of product.

Sample service and Consultation for existing concrete slabs

Benefits of your sample service:

Proof of workmanship

Real-world indication of  the finish achievable

Early ‘yes-no’ decision unavailable elsewhere

Having studied the market and built a deep understanding of the myriad problems in the polished concrete trade, we  have devised our sample service so that all parties are able to understand the pre-existing conditions together, in order to set realistic expectations for the project, early in the process.

What is the sample service?

Our sample service is designed to help you see what you’ll be getting in advance of committing to a full project. It also sets expectations about what’s possible, including all the options, should any previously unknowable factors emerge.

What does this service entail?

Face-to-face review (consultation)

We will come to you, discuss your requirements and assess the rooms you would like polished. We will then share our initial thoughts with you, explain any obvious risks and, explain your options and answer any questions for you.

Delivery of sample patch

When your personal consultation is complete, you have reviewed all your options and confirmed your preference, we will proceed with work on your sample polished concrete surface.

Joint review

We will discuss the results of your sample with you as soon as it’s completed. In most cases this will be face-to-face in the comfort of your home as soon as the sample is complete.

Written Assessment

You will receive a written report summarising the work we have done, complete with our findings, recommendations, options, quotations, terms and conditions.

What if I don’t like it?

We recognise that sometimes, some people may not be entirely happy with the outcome at this stage. Far better to find out quickly, then halfway into a full contract with other providers that do not offer a sample service.

We also hope that, in the rare instance that things don’t pan out as hoped, that all is not lost at this stage. We will then help you explore your options:

Alternative Solutions

If you don’t like the look of your sample finish, we have the opportunity to explore a number of options together, including micro-toppings.

We also hope that, in the rare instance that things don’t pan out as hoped, that all is not lost at this stage. We will then help you explore your options:

Call Our office on 07718 079659 to arrange your consultation and sample service.

Important Note: When you have seen your sample floor and wish to proceed to completion, the fees for your sample service will count as work towards to full and final project and be shown in your records as a first instalment towards the full price of your domestic transformation project.