A polished concrete overlay is a very high strength, low maintenance, concrete veneer that is very aesthetically pleasing.

We provide three stunning products as standard. Tru pc is has a grey background with stone exposure once diamond processed. Tru grey is a mid grey. Tru natural is an off-white bone. We can offer samples of all three so you can get a feel of the product, there is always variation in terms of colour and aggregate distribution (if exposed aggregate is chosen) as it is a cementitious product, this is what makes these products unique.

Why an overlay

There can be a myriad of reasons an existing concrete slab could be unsuitable to be diamond processed, whether it’s due to a substandard/compromised pour and not aesthetically suitable when finished, there may also be not enough depth available in order to pour a new slab, or not enough time on a project to allow for the 28 day cure needed to process slabs in situ.

Polished cementitious overlays are proving to be an extremely aesthetically pleasing, highly efficient and quick to install alternative. Though the process of laying an overlay is quite different from conventional concrete, the final finish is completed in the same way and provides the same WOW factor as a polished concrete floor, they also give you much more control over the final look and finish of your floor and can be tailored specifically to your requirements.

Transforms any area with its seamless natural beauty. Along with the added benefits of it being low maintenance, eco friendly and quick cure of product.

What is the process for for installing overlays?

Overlays Explained

First we need to know what your sub-base is and the condition, so we can determine which preparation work is most appropriate (not to worry if this is un-known we do offer a consultation service which we will preform checks and options in a full report of our findings

1, We would firstly key (prep) the original sub-base (concrete or screed) and prime with an epoxy two-part primer with added seeded quartz sand, this process acts as a bonding material to ensure thorough adhesion from the sub-base to the micro-topping.

2, The product is then installed on day two(the entire area of floor) and is left to cure 24 hours, the floor is then ready to be diamond processed on day three, the area size will impact the amount of time taken to process.

The overlays are processed in the same way as a concrete slab (shine is created through the use of progressively finer diamond abrasives used to hone and then polish the surface, this means the shine is embedded into the slab and is not a synthetic shine created through the use of guard coats etc.) to ensure longevity and maximum durability.

How do I maintain my floor?

As with polished concrete these are low maintenance not zero maintenance.

We issue maintenance guides as standard and also provide cleaning products that have trace particles of the sealer and densifier that was used during processing, FOC.