The main benefits of polished concrete are its durability, ease of maintenance and incredibly beautiful seamless finishes, all in all, a good fit for the commercial market.

Polished concrete

What lies beneath

The project space may already have concrete that is suitable to be polished. This is why we designed our sample service to determine the quality, realistic expectation of finish and suitability.

How is the Polished Concrete Effect Achieved? 

True polished concrete is referred to as mechanically diamond processed concrete. This is where the surface is honed using progressively finer diamond abrasives, along with the treatment of grouts (excluding cream finishes) and chemical densifiers during the process, which will give added stain resistance, wear resistance, reduced dusting and a much better all-round finish. The surface is then polished using diamond abrasives until the desired gloss level is meet, the floor is then sealed. There is, however, so much more to polished concrete than this, every slab is different and a different approach needs to taken accordingly.

This process is not to be confused with a grind and seal (topical finish) where the surface is ground, scratches removed and then sealed using a topical sealer/guard coat to manipulate the look of a true mechanical polished concrete floor, the shine is created through the sealer, not honed and polished using diamonds and so will require a lot more maintenance. Mechanically processed concrete is incomparable to the ‘grind and seal’ approach in durability and aesthetics.

What makes us different?

We care about your floors and are very focused on attention to detail from the smallest to the largest projects.

Polished concrete overlays

There can be a myriad of reasons an existing concrete slab could be unsuitable to be diamond processed, whether it’s due to a substandard/compromised pour and not aesthetically suitable when finished. There may also be not enough depth available in order to pour a new slab, or not enough time on a project to allow for the 28 day cure needed to process slabs in situ. Polished cementitious overlays are proving to be an extremely aesthetically pleasing, highly efficient and quick to install alternative. Though the process of laying an overlay is quite different from conventional concrete, the final finish is completed in the same way and provides the same WOW factor as a polished concrete floor, they also give you much more control over the final look and finish of your floor and can be tailored specifically to your requirements.

Staining – designs/artwork and logos can be added to your floor for both polished concrete and overlays. All staining penetrates and chemically bond to the concrete  and is applied throughout the honing process, this ensures that that stains are both durable and long lasting. Very aesthetically pleasing for decorative de-markcation, company logos etc.

Concrete Restoration

We are able to undertake all repair works to existing floors (cracks included), and any re-polishing/processing which needs to be undertaken. Aversely, if you have had a polished concrete floor, but may be thinking of changing the style by exposing aggregates, staining, or the floor just doesn’t look right to you, we can help.

We love what we do and it shows in our work.